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Writer Web Admin Date 24/04/2020
Content Following allegations, published on Rudaw’s website 20 April, that several passengers arriving from the UK on April 18 were allowed to escape quarantine procedures, EIA launched an investigation and today issued the following statement:

EIA can confirm that all 170 passengers arriving on flight TI921 on April 18th from the UK and undertook the correct procedures to exit EIA.

The flight arrival had been approved by the KRG’s Ministry of Interior, via letter 5950, issued, 17 April, 2020.

No passengers left the terminal by private car, one passenger, was transported by ambulance ( plate number 1718) to Sarchinar Quarantine Camp at the request of the Ministry of Health.

All other passengers left in appropriate transport to commence their 14 day quarantine period. The process was supervised by EIA teams in operations, traffic police, security, immigration and health.

On arrival passengers were organized as per their city destination and escorted on buses accompanied by security and traffic police to their respective cities and were delivered to the correct destinations.

As of 23 April, EIA is able to confirm that all passengers who arrived to commence quarantine in Erbil remain at their respective quarantine accommodation.

EIA, with associated agencies, is responsible for the processing of arriving passengers according to the regulations as instructed by the Ministries of Health and Interior.

No protocols were broken within the airport for the flight arriving from the UK on 18 April. If Rudaw has evidence of protocols being ignored or broken outside the airport then EIA call on Rudaw to share that evidence with the appropriate authorities to enable further investigation. If there is no evidence, then Rudaw should apologise and formally withdraw the allegations
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