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Writer Web Admin Date 29/04/2018
Title EIA cuts challenge of tall buildings down to size
Content New Obstacle Limitation Surface Survey brings science to decision making on Erbil developments

EIA announced this week the completion of a year long, $1,5m project to implement a new system for determining the height of new developments across the city of Erbil.

Now developers will know precisely how high they can build new buildings using a new process that maps out safe building heights in relation to flight paths and approaches to Erbil International Airport.

The Obstacle Limitation Surface Survey saw French defence and aviation experts, CGX consultants undertake a detailed aerial survey, train staff on location in France and install new hardware and software at EIA.

Using precise co-ordinates, the system can immediately tell developers if the proposed height for their building will infringe on airspace. Keeping airspace clear of obstacles is a key part of managing aviation safety.

Airport Director Talar Faiq said : " The completion of this important project will enable us to work closely with the Municipality authorities. In the past proposed building heights have often been the cause of disputes between developers and the airport authorities. We have a duty to maintain and promote safe operation. Now we have the science and the technology to establish empirical benchmarks, with which there can be no dispute.
It will help developers too and save them money. Re design can be expensive, now, they can decide on the viability of their development using this new system to determine maximum height."
Head of Planning at EIA, Azhy Zyad will be responsible for implementing the new system and working with the Municipality said : ´This is a major step forward. EIA looks forward to working with the municipality to implement the new system and ensure we protect safe operation at EIA whilst enabling and facilitating the development of the city.”
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