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Writer Web Admin Date 29/09/2017
Title Baghdad's 'no fly zone' comes into effect
Content At 1800 hours on September 29, the Baghdad authorities put into effect its blockade of airspace for international flights to airports at Erbil and Sulimanyah.

The published intention of Baghdad is to shut the airspace to international flights and create a 'no fly zone' over Kurdistan until December 29th, 2017.

EIA regrets the inconvenience caused to the public by the actions of the Baghdad authorities.

Despite repeated attempts to define what the Baghdad government termed 'handing over' both airports, no response was forthcoming from the Federal Government.

For the time being EIA will remain open to domestic and humanitarian flights, but it reserves the right to review airport operations based on available resources and its ability to maintain safety standards.

Despite these limited resources, EIA remains committed to supporting Operation Inherent Resolve and the fight against ISIS .

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