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Writer Web Admin Date 28/09/2017
Title Baghdad 'No fly Zone' looms for Kurdistan airports
Content EIA is operating a normal schedule today, September 28, and tomorrow, September 29, until 1800 hours.

At 1800 hours tomorrow, Friday, 29th September, the Federal Government in Baghdad has announced plans to shut the airspace to international flights and create a 'no fly zone' over Kurdistan until December 29th, 2017.

EIA has been seeking further dialogue with the authorities in Baghdad, regarding its determination to see both Erbil and Sulimanyah airports ' handed over'.

EIA wishes to stress that is has always cooperated with the federal regulator, the ICAA, and the airports in Kurdistan remain under the supervision of the ICAA.

EIA Director General said : " The imposition of a 'no fly zone for Kurdistan's airports will bring hardship to the region. It will impact the fight against ISIS, and will impact the work of the UN and other Non Governmental Organisations in their support of the 1.5m plus refugees and IDP's in Kurdistan.

The demand to 'handover' the airports is a sham to divert attention from an airspace closure designed to impose further economic sanction on the region.

We would appeal to Baghdad to step back from its proposed actions and consider the consequences for the war against ISIS, the care of so many displaced people and the real impact on the Kurdish people."
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