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Writer Web Admin Date 01/09/2017
Title EIA hosts Iraq's aviation bosses for inauguration of Airport CEO'S High Committee
Content Erbil International Airport welcomed Iraq's Minister of Transport, Kathim Al Finjam and CEO's from Iraq's airports to the first meeting of the High Committee of Airport CEO's.
Meeting at Erbil's Divan Hotel, the meeting, hosted by EIA Director General, Ms Talar Faiq, will be the first of a regular set of meetings designed to focus on Iraq's aviation industry and the numerous challenges it faces.
EIA Director General Talar Faiq said :
” EIA is pleased to be able to host the inaugural meeting of the High Committee. We are grateful to His Excellency, Transport Minister Kathim Al Finjam and to airport CEO's from across Iraq for joining us in Erbil. I intend to share with the committee some of the challenges we face, but also talk about some of the progress we have made and the projects we have planned.
The exchange of views and observations from airports across Iraq is important and whilst co-operation and co-ordination in Iraq's aviation industry have been in short supply in recent years we hope the High Committee and this initiative of His Excellency the Minister can help move the industry forward. "
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