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Writer Web Admin Date 07/05/2017
Title Erbil International Airport joins Aviation, Tourism and Cargo Conference in Sulimaniyah
Content Erbil Airport Director Talar led an EIA team this week to participate in the Sulimaniyah, Aviation Tourism and Cargo Exhibition and Conference. The two day event at the Grand Millennnium Hotel in the city on May 3&4.
The conference and exhibition was formally opened by KRG Minister of Transport H.E. Maulod Bawa Murad and Federal Minister of Transport Kadhem Finjan Al-Hamami.
The event was hosted by Sulimaniyah Airport Director Taher Abdullah and his team.
Speaking at the conference alongside airport directors from Sulimaniyah, Baghdad, Najaf , Talar Faiq told the audience of several hundred guests that Erbil International continued to grow.
“In the first three months of 2017, passenger numbers were 12% up on the same time last year. If that trend continues EIA will pass the 2 million milestone by the end of the year,” she said.
Ms Faiq confirmed that EIA will shortly complete a far-reaching Obstacle Limitation Survey which has mapped out the terrain and buildings surrounding the airport. The survey will offer up to date information to pilots and help city planners to zone high rise developments correctly.
“ Whilst we welcome the continued growth of EIA, and since 2006, that growth has averaged 28% per annum, such increases bring challenges both in terms of customer service and infrastructure development. With limited financial resources it is necessary to prioritise. Many projects we undertake such as the Obstacle Limitation Survey, or re-painting the ramp and runway bring major benefits to EIA, but are not seen by the travelling public.
We expect to commence work on an upgraded water treatment plant, re-habilitate and expand fuel storage facilities and undertake a major landscaping project that will greatly enhance the airport environment in the coming months.
A project that will benefit the travelling public more directly is the newly revamped air conditioning system that came on line a few days ago. I expect too, that in the coming months, the roof of the terminal will be repaired, to the satisfaction of all, by the original airport constructor Makyol , which will be a welcome relief to everyone.
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