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When you arrive at EIA, proceed to escalator or elevator to go one floor up to get to immigration area. To enter into Erbil, if not domestic passenger or Iraqi nationality, valid passport with visa is necessary.

For visa, if not exempted, please check with your nearest Iraqi Embassy about Visa requirements and the application process. The KRG representations abroad do not issue Iraqi Visas, but can advise travelers on this matter. For advice on Visas, please email to Department of Foreign Relations to dfr@krg.org.

If your government of nationality has special advisory on travel to Kurdistan or Iraq, please consult with your ministry of foreign affairs about necessary process before you plan your trip to Erbil.
 Kurdistan and Iraqi citizens must queue in front of inspection and visitors must queue in front of inspection
 Please queue in front of arrival immigration
 Take off your hat(sunglass), and do not use your mobile phone while waiting
 Sub your passport and Arrival card
 Pass Immigrations


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