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Rich in Opportunities
“Rich in Opportunities
                to boom economy in Greater Safety”

Kurdistan, a fertile agricultural area with a good water supply offers growing opportunity
in business, logistics, investment, and Kurdistan Guide

Even though a summertime visitor to Erbil would find it hard to believe, Kurdistan is a fertile agricultural area with a good water supply. Rich in natural resources, it has significant natural gas reserves, gold, and deposits of valuable minerals such as beryllium, still under exploration.

A number of multinational oil companies are already operating here, and Kurdistan has some of the largest yet-to-be-explored oil reserves in the world. An oil pipeline to the Turkish Black Sea coast is nearing completion, and I the south one finds the oil terminal in Basra. Oil and gas exports to Europe and the rest of the rest of the world are a growing business.

Infrastructure throughout the region – roads, housing, and hotels – has been modernized during the last few years. Roads to the neighboring countries are good, but traffic is heavy and the need for air transport is growing.

During the last four years, 14 billion dollars have been invested in buildings and infrastructure in Erbil.

Rapid Economic Development
 0ver 10% of economic growth based on stability
 Kurdistan government launches massive multi-billion infrastructural projects
     - Health, education, tourism, agriculture, bank, house, manufacture, energy, technology
 Foreign Companies in Erbil
     - 100 companies (2004) → 553 companies (2008)

Erbil has hosted various international conferences including “International Oil and Gas Conference” 
 5th Erbil International Fair: October 2009
     - over 450 companies from more than 30 countries
 1st international oil and gas conference: June 2009
 2nd Erbil Agro-Food 2010: December 2010
 Erbil Medical 2010: December 2010

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