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Cargo Terminal
. Size of the new cargo terminal is approximately 64% compared to the old one, and the distance between the two cargo terminals is  1.7km.

. The annual handling capacity of a two sector  old cargo terminal is approximately 15,500 tons, and the terminal is divided into two sectors; one sector is used by MATEEN, and the other sector by Starlight and DHL.
- In EIA, there are three cargo agents (Starlight, MATEEN, DHL) and two cargo handling companies (DNATA  Aviation and Sky Link Aviation).
- DNATA now operates the cargo terminal. Therefore, if Sky Link Aviation, which deals with the passenger cargo (or belly cargo) of Austrian Airlines, wants to use the old cargo terminal, they would be able to use the space .

New Cargo Terminal 2,760 (60m×20m+18m×10m)×2
9,900 (Estimation)

. Cargo performance was approximately 13,757 tons in 2008, 50% of which was handled by Starlight, 30% by DHL, and the rest by MATEEN.
- The frequency of the cargo airlines is approximately 7 times per week, and around 40 tons of cargo is being handled on a daily basis.

Division Aircrafts Average Frequency
per Week
Main Equipment
East Sector MATEEN IL76


◦ RACK : 2 lines
West Sector DHL A300 2 ◦ Large/Small X-Ray
◦ RACK : 3 lines
Starlight A300 & IL76 3~4 ◦ Small X-Ray
Total     6~7  
Note) Security checks on large cargo are conducted by large X-Ray installed in East Sector.

. The new cargo terminal has two separate sectors;unlike the old cargo terminal. Two canopies with pillars in Airside and Landside, respectively, have been installed.

VIew From Airside VIew From Landside
View from Airside View from Landside

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