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A winning design

Erbil International Airport offers an exciting, light and airy environment for passengers and airport users with urban comforts and modern buildings

Erbil International Airport is an exciting, light and airy design by Scott Wilson Group. Headquartered in the UK, the group is an award-winning integrated design and engineering firm, working both with natural and constructed environments. Their projects span the globe and include natural landscapes, urban designs, buildings, roadways, railways, and airports.
The main contractor is Makyol Cengiz, a major construction company based in Turkey, in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipalities.
The airport is built next to the old airport, previously a military field. With its short 2,800 meter runway and temporary terminal buildings, the need has been great for a new airport, not just a new terminal.
In 2003 the Kurdistan Regional Government(KRG) decided that Kurdistan should have its own gateway to the world in Erbil, and the re-building of the old military field began on the ist of July, 2003. By December ist of that year the first regular service by Kurdistan Airlines had landed. At the same time, the work to modernize and improve the airport technically continued under the direction of KRG PM Mr. Nechirvan Barzani, and on May 26, 2005, the airport received its ICAO code ORER.
Cargo traffic is important and growing rapidly. The oil industry is one of the major cargo customers.
The new terminal features CIP areas for visiting business jets, and there is a separate VIP terminal for visiting dignitaries and diplomats.
The new airport fulfills all modern environmental and has a separate environmental body addressing these questions. The airport is located close to central Erbil, eliminating long transfers to and from the airport, further reducing its environmental impact.
The construction of Erbil International Airport has been fully funded by the KRG at a total cost of 550 million US dollars.

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